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Kidd's Little Crickett

Crickett is just a pleasure to own. From looks to handling she has it all. She has a hot nose and honest mouth and will not bark unless the rabbit is up and running. She can flat push a rabbit for all he wants.


Lilly Creek Rozie

Rozie is a ole rabbit smart dog. She is 6 yrs old with the heart of a 2 yr old pup. She will run as long as you let her. She has a medium temp nose that jumps a lot of rabbits that I might not of got to run if it was different. She has an honest mouth and if she opens there will be a rabbit 90% of the time within the next few minutes.



This is Lil Bit. I'm sure you can tell how she got her name. She is a pup out of Crickett and is a grade dog. She is a honest little hound that can burn a rabbit. Measuring in at 9 1/8'' she has the heart of a lion and can run and get work done with my bigger dogs. She will cut a dog if they over run and her check work is great. She keeps a lot of races going in the check area. She is just a little over 1 yr and Ill put her down with any dog and say she will contribute to the race. She will never be breed but she will always have a place to sleep here.


Ricks Diamond III


This is Diamond. She is a 14 7/8'' hound that is impressing me more and more every time I put her on the ground. I just got her a few months ago and to be 13 months old she is doing real well. She works a check real good and can contribute to the race. She has a good bit of hunt about her and is turning out to be a good rabbit dog.